WTF Miley Cyrus?
Think the celebs are hot? These super close up shots will make you think again, especially #2!
A Bra is NOT a Top
Miley’s making Taylor look like a saint these days… but is it true?
Think Miley went crazy or is she just copying Rihanna’s wild career moves?
Controversial Topics Miley Cyrus Covered on SNL
Miley vs Rihanna: Who’s got more talent? Who’s the real queen of twerking?
Think Miley Cyrus is hot? Check out her sister Brandi

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I found some interesting links about relationships =)
how to gain confidence around guys
how to impress his friends
how to impress your girlfriend
how to impress your gf’s parents
how to deal with jealousy in a relationship
how to deal with rejection
and my personal favorite: how to avoid talking to creeps